Cloud ERP Solutionconnects and automates business processes within your organization. Whether there is one branch or dozens in different countries. The ERP system ensures that all parties involved have access to the same information about, for example, stock levels, delivery times, orders, finances, and personnel. This is possible because all information ends up in a central database. A well-chosen and arranged ERP Cloud system ensures higher productivity within the organization. And that you can respond faster to changes in your industry.

Grip on your company with fully integrated ERP Cloud Solution

The higher your business goals, the more complex your processes. Your information provision must be optimal. Therefore, choose ABJ, the proven ERP cloud solution provider service you for better financial administration integration with sector-specific solutions for wholesale and logistics, service organizations, production, and construction.

Work efficiently and increase your margins with the ERP package for Wholesalers

With ABJ Cloud Solutions, you always have an overview of your stocks, orders, and returns. Use the Cloud ERP solutionas the engine of your omnichannel strategy. It acts as the central information source that feeds your webshop, EDI, and sales apps with data. Your physical flow of goods is automatic, so your logistics process is optimal.

  • Save costs with smart inventory management software
  • Streamline your logistics processes
  • Work with a 1 central database
  • Benefit from reports and automatic signalling

Small businesses like distributors and manufacturing industries normally require some basic functional characteristics in an ERP, like warehouse management, purchasing, inventory control, financials, order management, manufacturing and Customer Relationship Management. There are thousands of advantages and features of our Cloud ERP solution. 

In this modern age, web-based ERPs are in high demand, which offers authorized users to approach a business information system anytime from anywhere across the globe. The system helps firms to integrate every function of a business such as finance, accounts, and human resources in a single framework. Our Cloud ERP solutionallows users to view and access information from remote locations.


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