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We provide complete solution for your warehouse issues. We can make your business more productive, predictable and profitable by taking advantage of the most cutting edge tools and technologies available. The choice of tools to be used will depend on business operating environments and requirements, with emphasis on simple and reliable technologies. Our applications can be integrated with barcoding technologies Mobile smart terminals and scanners, Wireless equipment, RFID devices, GPS equipment ,Smartphone applications. We offer the following solutions:


Logistics in a warehouse environment. It sounds so easy and yet there are so many challenges.

Margins are small and staff costs are constantly increasing. It is important that processes run as efficiently as possible. The software used must fit in well with these processes. Only then can as much work as possible be taken out of the hands of the employees.

A lot of benefits can be gained with automation in a warehouse. The control of the automated systems must communicate optimally with Gudang Sys. Not every WMS / Enterprise Resource Planning System is prepared for this.

Are you also concerned with the challenges of a warehouse environment and would you like to think about solutions together, read on this website with which  can help you or contact us!

Gudang Sys – The Premium Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Gudang Sys is crucial for wholesalers and ambitious retailers. ABJ Cloud Solutions offers you a warehouse management system as part of the all-in-one business software!

Full Control Over Logistics Processes

Trading companies grow faster with faster processing of orders. A grip on the exact locations of articles is a must for this. Just one of the many warehouse management processes that come together in one system.  keeps track of every change, whether it comes from the warehouse or the office. The system registers which customer or employee it is and at what time. Manage the entire logistics process with the benefits of all-in-one.

ABJ’s Gudang Sys Features:

  • Barcode scanning and precise location of articles in the warehouse
  • Automatic transfer of mutations from PIM, cash register and webshop
  • Efficient completion of the order process through 400+ functions that work together
  • It is an essential part of the integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System software


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